The Ergoline Essence 440 offers efficient Smart Power technology, particularly low space requirements and great value for money.

    Highly efficient ballasts re-sult in a reduced energy requirement. All this with an impressive 200 Watt tanning performance. The patented Vibra Shape vibration plate turns the tanning session into a fitness training at the same time. The vibration is gentle on the joints, promotes weight loss, firms up connective tissue and prevents cellulite. The improvement in circulation also intensifies the tanning results. For a perfect tan in just 15 minutes, without the typical white areas on the shoulders and back.

    4 fitness programs

    No matter if beginner or professional - with the four programs you will find your perfect vibration training.

    Training gentle on your joints

    The side-alternating vibration is particularly easy on the joints and trains the body up to the back.

    Effective training

    Vibra Shape simulates 20,000 steps in just 10 minutes. This makes optimal use of time when sunbathing.

    • Fitness workout
    • UV-Technology
    • Comfort / Fitness
    • Design
    Fitness workout

    With Vibra Shape, tanning becomes a fitness session at the same time. The side-alternating vibrations of the Vibra Shape plate have a number of positive effects on fitness. They support muscle building, stimulate fat burning, tighten connective tissue and promote mobility and body coordination. The improved supply of oxygen to the skin also intensifies the tanning effect. The choice of four different training programs and the joint-gentle vibration make Vibra Shape the ideal workout - also for older users. Make the Sunrise your personal trainer - in a 100% private environment.

    • Patented Vibra Shape Vibration Training
    • 4 training programs
    • Side-alternating vibration
    • 44 x 200W
    • Smart Power
    • 2 Meter Lamps
    Comfort / Fitness
    • Top Cooling
    • Single Sound
    • Optional: Aroma
    • Optional: Sound Module with MP3-Connection
    • Scarlet Red
    • Standby Lighting
    Technical data
    Product dimensions
    (L x W x H in inch)

    110 x 109 x 227

    110 x 135 x 227

    Required interior cabin size
    (L x W in inch)

    210 x 240 x 232

    Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

    7.600 W


    3 x 16 A


    206 kg

    Product information
    ! Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.
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