With the combination of UV light and Radiance, the Prestige 1600 provides a beautiful and intense tan with simultaneous skin care. Personal Sunstyle offers every customer a personal tan at the touch of a button. The standard feel-good equipment including 3D sound with Bluetooth®, Climatronic Plus and Aqua Fresh & Aroma guarantees pure relaxation when sunbathing.

    Optionally, the Prestige 1600 is also available with Smart Light Performance (SLP). The Radiance components promote the blood circulation of the skin and thus optimise the tanning results - without a higher UV dose. After a few hours, a beautiful, natural and long-lasting tan develops. At the same time, Radiance cares for the skin during sunbathing and provides a particularly beautiful and fresh complexion.

    Skin care

    with Radiance

    32 Radiance LEDs and 14 smartsun lamps guarantee effective skin care that you can see and feel. For a radiant complexion and velvety skin.

    Personal Sunstyle

    Gentle to intensive

    Personal Sunstyle offers a desired tan at the touch of a button. From gentle to intensive, everyone gets their personal desired tan.

    Smart Light Performance

    Facial tanner with skin care

    The Radiance components nourish the skin during sunbathing and enable particularly beautiful and natural tanning results.

    Pure refreshment

    when sunbathing

    Comfort Cooling Plus: The dual circuit ventilation system with separately adjustable ventilation for head and body ensures excellent cooling.

    Climatronic Plus: Well-being temperature with powerful air conditioning and heating. In the closed interior, the desired temperature is quickly reached and kept constant.

    Aqua Fresh & Aroma: The optional Aqua Fresh and Aroma system provides additional refreshment with finely atomised spray mist and subtle fragranc

    • Radiance
    • UV-Technology
    • Comfort
    • Handling
    • Design

    Skin care included! The interplay of UV light and Radiance enables a particularly beautiful tan and nourishes the skin even when sunbathing. Face and décolleté are pampered by special Radiance LEDs. For velvety skin and a fresh complexion. The Smart Light Performance (SLP) increases the proportion of Radiance in the face even further. The red light spectrum developed together with light biologists is precisely matched to the biological reaction spectra of the skin and the computer-calculated geometry of the reflectors guarantees uniform illumination of the face and décolleté. On the body, the red light of the smartsun PLUS lamps ensures a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin.

    • 4 Panels with 32 Radiance LEDs
    • 14 smartsun PLUS lamps on the body
    • 3 smartsun UVB spaghettis in the face
    • Optional: Smart Light Performance (SLP) in the face

    From gentle to intensive: everyone can choose their own tailor-made tanning result from three sun programmes. Whether a light complexion or a directly visible deep tan is desired: with Personal Sunstyle, the Prestige 1600 is always the perfect tanning bed.

    The interplay of smartsun and UV lamps and Ultra Performance Plus technology ensure an immediately visible and long-lasting tan. Dynamic electronic ballasts always guarantee 100% performance.

    • dynamic performance
    • Selectable UV intensity
    • 52 lamps à 200 Watt
    • 4 facial tanners à 520 Watt (Max.)
    • 4 smartsun UVB Spaghettis
    • Shoulder tanner (2 x 240 Watt)

    Feel good all around! The standard comfort equipment with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Climatronic Plus and 3D sound offers pure relaxation. All comfort settings can be set in the Control Center before tanning and saved on the customer card with NFC Connect.  Bluetooth® Connect transfers your favourite playlist from your smartphone to the 3D sound system.

    • Full standard equipment
    • 3D-Sound with Bluetooth®
    • Climatronic Plus
    • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort

    The intuitive and comfortable Smart Control glass control panel with large display is very easy to operate: Simply select the desired function and adjust with Plus and Minus. Also really clever: during operation, the intensity of the Beauty Light LEDs is automatically dimmed so that the display is even easier to read.

    • Smart Control
    • Control Center
    • NFC Connect
    • Professional Set-up
    • Voice Guide

    The Prestige Lightvision conveys innovation, elegance and performance at first glance thanks to its symbiosis of design and technology. The larger top makes it instantly recognizable as a true studio upgrade. The completely redesigned and brightly lit interior invites to a sun experience in a class of its own.

    • Gerätefarbe: Silverpearl
    • LED Light Show mit High Performance LED´s
    • Über 200 ausgesuchte Farben und Lichtanimationen
    • LED Interior Light: hell erleuchteter Innenraum
    • Beauty Light LED: aufmerksamkeitsstarke Standby-Beleuchtung
    Technical data
    Product dimensions
    (L x W x H in inch)

    238 x 155 x 150

    238 x 155 x 196

    Required interior cabin size
    (L x W in inch)

    250 x 230

    Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

    17.800 W


    3 x 35 A


    630 kg

    Product information
    ! Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.
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