The SUN ANGEL DUO 1400 is the best SUN ANGEL of all times. The fascinating design, new comfort innovations, improved skin sensor and optimised tanning performance will inspire you and your customers!

    The eye-catching design and the impressive LED Light Show of the SUN ANGEL DUO 1400 fascinate at first glance. The brightly lit interior also invites you to sunbathe. The selection of the individual tanning programme is made very conveniently in the new Control Centre. All comfort functions such as Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Climatronic and 3D Sound can also be conveniently set in advance. With NFC Connect, they are stored on the customer card within seconds. Best service for your SUN ANGEL regular customers! The complete feel-good equipment, including the particularly easy-to-use Bluetooth® Connect, offers heavenly luxury at the highest level.

    The Control Center and NFC Connect also make the settings of your SONNENGEL easier than ever for you as the operator. The best comes to the end: Thanks to the Individual Performance Technology, the tanning performance on the body has been improved by a further 20%.

    The biopositive effects of the SUN ANGEL have been confirmed by the international health network Medical Actvie.


    sun enjoyment

    The intelligent skin sensor measures the individual UV sensitivity of the skin and thus avoids the risk of sunburn.

    Vitamin D build-up

    Confirmed by studies

    The structure of vitamin D was proven by a skin physiological institute. Of course always without the risk of sunburn.

    Variable UV spectrum

    For optimised tanning

    Through the individual interaction of UVA and UVB, the tanning effective spectral components are optimally used.

    • Skin sensor
    • UV-Technology
    • Comfort
    Skin sensor

    The SUN ANGEL knows how much UV the skin can currently tolerate. The skin sensor is the key to the individual tanning program. The intelligent sensor measures personal skin sensitivity and emits just as much UV power as the skin can tolerate well on this day. Sunburn is thus safely avoided. Without sensor use, the sun angel only emits the legally required dose for the first exposure to the sun.

    • No risk of sunburn
    • Photoelectronic precision instrument
    • The only solarium with integrated sensor
    • Skin measurement in a few seconds

    The SUN ANGEL stands for excellent tanning results without the risk of sunburn. At the same time it offers the biopositive effects of UV. In contrast to the natural sun and other solariums, the UV spectrum of the solar angels is individual. Through the intelligent interaction of UV-A and UV-B, the tanning spectral components are better used and at the same time sunburn is avoided. With Duo Select you have the choice of how you want to enjoy the sun at the touch of a button. The effective vitamin D build-up of both sun programmes has been proven by a German research institute and certified by Medical Active.

    • 2 tanning programs
    • Vitamin Sunshine: Biopositive effects
    • Styling Sunshine: Intense tan
    • Proven vitamin D build up
    • Certified by Medical Active

    With the SUN ANGEL from Ergoline your tanning becomes a heavenly experience. Everything that makes sunbathing pleasant has been thought of here. Climatronic and Aqua Fresh provide a wonderful refreshment and with the discreet aroma scent you can enjoy the tanning with all your senses. The 3D sound with Bluetooth® ensures perfect entertainment. With NFC Connect you can save all comfort settings on your customer card.

    • Full standard equipment
    • 3D sound with Bluetooth
    • Climatronic Plus
    • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
    Technical data
    Product dimensions
    (L x W x H in inch)

    238 x 155 x 150

    238 x 155 x 196

    Required interior cabin size
    (L x W in inch)

    250 x 230

    Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

    17.800 W


    3 x 35 A


    630 kg

    Product information
    ! Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.
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